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Bumper Car is a popular and attractive activity in the theme park, which is loved by both children and adults.

When the players sit on the bumper car, they could drive the car to bump other people’s car. During the time, they can feel the face-to-face feeling and experience the feeling of victory. Many players can enjoy themselves in this game, just like racing the car, which is a thrilling and exciting activity.

As a kind of motorized & remote control amusement rides, bumper car rides are easy to be operated and controlled. There are electric & battery bumper cars and small & mini bumper cars with beautiful appearance, colorful painting and cool lights for sale.

Bumper Cars as a kind of motorized amusement rides mainly include two types of electric bumper cars and battery bumper cars. Of which the bumper car cars are the key equipment. Electric bumper cars are composed bumper car cars and steel floor & ceiling grid. Compared with electric bumper cars, the battery bumper cars are more freely when being used & played on all kinds of smooth floor that except for the bumper car cars themselves they do not need to be equipped with any other special ground-grid and also ceiling-grid.

Bumper Cars are manufactured with fiberglass or inflatable PVC materials, equipped with hand controller and seats, painted to be colorful and also decorated with glazing LED lights. For adults and children playing in amusement park and fairground, bumper cars for sale are definitely a kind of attractive amusement rides.

Bumper Cars can be special designed wood & steel floor, inflatable water pool, ice floor and smooth ground floor. If you as a parks business are plan to operate a bumper car activity, you need make a suitable project according to you application site and buy high quality & safety bumper car for sale from China professional bumper car rides manufacturers.